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Remember, guys.....

2008-05-11 01:53:13 by HotDiggedyDemon

A shark on whiskey is mighty risky, but a shark on beer is a beer engineer.

Remember, guys.....


2008-04-09 03:04:31 by HotDiggedyDemon

Jessica Alba called and she said that she thinks you're cute and she wants to go out on a date with you. She's gunna call you, so you should like, go and wait by your phone and shit. Keep waiting until she calls.


...Wait a minute, it's April 9th? Fuck, now I sound like a jackass.

Well, this is awkward

My Brawl Code

2008-03-14 04:30:49 by HotDiggedyDemon

My Brawl Code is 1332-7408-9911

I'll PWN you all with Windy Link. His name is Windy Link and not Toon Link because that sounds fruity and gay. Seriously.

It's Windy Link.

My Brawl Code

lulz ensue

2008-02-22 00:46:00 by HotDiggedyDemon

I just realized I've hardly updated this thing. OOPSY DOODLE! TICKLE ME BALLS, TICKLE ME BUM, BOB'S YER UNCLE, FANNY'S YER MUM

Anyway, if you're expecting anything new out of me anytime soon, don't hold your breath. Lulz!

lulz ensue

Art Commissions

2007-10-26 00:59:22 by HotDiggedyDemon

Need an illustration for an annoying school project? Wanna see what your character looks like when drawn in my style? Well, now is your lucky day, because I'm officially open for commissions as of now. Images will be in drawn vector-style by me in Flash and converted to jpg format. The rates are...

7 dollars = black and white artwork

12 dollars = colored artwork

...Just Email me at or catch me on AIM (my screen name is hotdiggedydemon) and describe to me what you want. I'll draw pretty much anything. I'll also do my best to try to understand exactly what it is you want.
I'm also considering animation commissions. I'm thinking somewhere from 30 to 50 bucks for 30 seconds of animation. I know that seems steep, but animation can actually take a long time when I do a good job and put effort into it. I'm still feeling this out, so if you want animation, you'll have to talk to me on AIM so we can discuss it further.
All money transactions are done through paypal. Of course, you can now donate, as well. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, as I'm currently unemployed and really strapped for cash. Just go to my website ( a/) and scroll down until you see the "donate" button.

Thanks, guys. Theres a certain plumber going to space and I need 50 dollars to go with him.

Here's an example of a commission I did for a friend of mine...

Art Commissions


2007-10-06 21:22:33 by HotDiggedyDemon

Emo and Sparkle Save the World



2007-07-31 21:28:36 by HotDiggedyDemon

Hey, Jerkwads and Jerkwadettes. For those of you who've been asking about what happened to "We Are Native American Cats", you can read about it here... /cats.html

Yeah, so thats all you need to know about that. But hey, it had a good run, right? It was online for a couple months, so it probably reached everyone who was gunna see it. It sucks though cause now you guys can't go back and rewatch it, and I know I enjoy watching my favorite flashes over and over (Pretty much anything by Alanthebox!). Anyhow, I'm still working on my new project. This one is going to take a while, though. SHEESH!

Make sure to friend me on Myspace! I LOVE TO BE FRIENDED! useaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=78 276002

...And check out my website... /

...And my Youtube page... tdiggedydemon

...Thats all for now, you buttfaces, you. Stay tuned for more updates maybe!


2007-07-17 17:17:17 by HotDiggedyDemon

Hey, Jerkwads and Jerkwadettes. Max Gilardi here, although you probably know me better as HotDiggedyDemon.

Looks like Stewgrounds finally got their act together and revamped the site. Pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself. These user pages are pretty cool, anyway. The thing on the main page is a little loud, though. I wish there was a way I could adjust the volume on that. Anyway, for those curious, I currently have in development my very first game. Thats right, I don't just make toons anymore. If you think it'll suck, then let me tell you my flash game is gunna be different from other flash games. A lot of love is going into it. Its pretty much a collaboration between me and

I hope to have it out soon! Cheers!