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Sup Dawgz?

2011-01-19 00:30:37 by HotDiggedyDemon

Hey losers.

So basically I made this cartoon called Kenya Bros and it went viral and became pretty much the biggest phenomenon on the internet and now everyone is wondering how I am going to follow up such a fucking magnum opus. Well my tight budz at Pixar are animating Kenya Bros 2 for me since they know I'm pretty much the greatest artist to ever live and I make the best cartoons ever. Seriously Stanley Kubrick would shit a brick (If he wasn't dead as fuck) cause he would see my vids and be all DAMN I'm beat, this Max Gilardi dude pretty much destroys everybody and I bet he gets loads of pussy all the time.

And you guys are just jealous cause I'm a girl and I make Sick Toonz that are better than yours even though you probably think girls are shit at making Sick Animz. Well sucks to be you hahaha.

Here is a picture of how cool I am.

Sup Dawgz?


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2013-08-05 18:03:25

Its like i looked directly into the collective human consciousness and pulled out the most meaningful thing.


2011-05-28 22:18:15

the hell.......i think woman are great animationers....whats with the attack on men


2011-05-28 13:12:47

Man you use to be cool noew ur a JOKE


2011-05-27 20:59:01

HOLY SHIT! Your a girl?


2011-05-26 06:09:11

thats how cool i am


2011-05-21 08:55:10 are a girl?


2011-05-20 00:41:24

fuck off im a hater


2011-05-19 01:22:46

oh, and > TomFulp says:
It's good to see more girl animators on NG. I will have to check out this "Kenya Bros" and maybe some of your other movies too. Thanks!

Jan. 19, 2011 | 4:54 PMHotDiggedyDemon responds:
Thanks qt but sweet talking will get you nowhere................WHAT THE FU^K!??! you gotta be one bigass bastard to say that to tom......and i think you're one sexually confused motherfu*ker...first, you're a boy, now you're a girl, but the pic of urself is a boy. what the hell is with you?


2011-05-19 01:18:53

Whats with the ego pill? You have a fanbase, not everyone likes you. Get over yourself, Gender doesn't matter in animating anyways, and why is it in every animation I have seen you in your a guy. Sure your animations are pretty good but stuff a sock in it! All you do is rant about how good you are, take a backseat for once and listen to the sounds of the world. Give it a rest, and maybe people would give you tips and like you more. Sure your animations are good but stop ranting about being the King/Queen of newgrounds animations. Your genderly confused and you have an ego that amount to the effects and mass of all the pollution in the world. Take a backseat, and just have fun, you're acting like a seven year old. -----> Good point, dude.


2011-05-16 15:12:23

Not very original, but it worked well. Congrats, bud, you get 25 interwebs.


2011-05-16 09:58:38

How is the self destruction going? Remember, once you die....


2011-05-01 11:23:13

My My... I love you to death honey... really I do. WGJ4K gets me every time, but... are you really serious about all this rage??? SERIOUSLY?!? And whats with the girl front, I get you think it's funny and all, but it makes it hard on users with real pussies to get some fucking respect on here... shit.


2011-04-30 20:53:46

Presumed (I'm not lying)


2011-04-15 09:58:11

Its always lovers and jerks on this comment page. Don't listen to the jerks they are mainly jealous and stupid.


2011-04-14 20:24:24

i dont think it even matters what sex you are. it only matters if you can rubb it in peoples asses and prove that youre better than them. plus the northern incident was amazing. just to let you know


2011-04-10 13:15:59

Wow, your nineteen?Most people need years to do what you have done, with animation and comedy. You should take over cartoon network, and do it by storm.


2011-04-10 11:40:50

@Thundaboom chubby people are cool dick!
great picture max, PS your a fag...
(just kidding your F%*KIN" awesome.)


2011-04-07 16:47:54

your the proof that girls can do cool things and it a boy who write thsi comment XD


2011-04-06 12:26:01

Bro you should totes up the Mega64 podcast flash t22n to Newgrounds. Totes.


2011-04-05 13:49:17



2011-04-04 20:35:16

No one cares about you being a chick. It was funny at first, but it's just fucking annoying.
Why is it a guy and not a girl? unless it's a self-portrait.


2011-04-02 19:41:43

youve got to be kooler than that hes only supah kool yoo have past megakool times 9001


2011-04-02 12:49:02

heheheheh,i found out that my worst enemy was a girl,and a lesbian!


2011-04-02 10:52:56

the only reason you make so many good flashes is coz ur a fat pimple faced looser wiv bigger tits on your back than your chest p.s you realy fucked jerey up faggot


2011-03-31 20:58:07

Lol rofl copters go swsh swsh!
Bungchu LANG! anyway i made a letter.

Deer, Mackz Gilardi
Um i want to say um i um wanted to tell you that um...
do you have a weiner or a poonanny?


2011-03-19 12:13:49

HEY MAN, just wanted to say thx for puttin that picture of me up like we "agreed" on. and thx 4 the big description of me 2. your a real bud, y'know.
thanks again,


2011-03-16 09:43:32

Anyway I love your flash. And I like your sense of being big. It just beats everyone else to the ground.


2011-03-14 04:45:33

Oh my god... I feel like such a tard... I have never really followed your news and stuff, but I figured that you were a guy, ONLY because there is that same guy's voice in all of your toons that have voice in them, and I figured that was YOU... Anyhoo, I just want to say that your toons are some of the most amazing works of art I have ever seen. The Jerry series, and now WGJ4K, how it's seeming as though it's about to get dramatic, it just gives me chills... Keep up the good work!


2011-03-13 17:26:53

say that to my face, see what happens


2011-03-10 17:16:02

giggity goo


2011-03-09 13:36:03

Well whatyaknow. I play as Marth as well. Not because he's cute but because he's FAST.


2011-03-01 14:28:38

Are you a girl or a dude seriously in Kenya Bros u were a dude on your profile your a chick WHICH IS IT!!! D:<


2011-02-28 05:51:41

The comments are almost just as good as the main entry ;)


2011-02-28 00:58:32

after reading through more of the comments and re-reading your passage. . . i've decided, that this sack of crap doesn't deserve questioning, people say your trolling, chances say their most likely right. But this is the dumbest and unfunniest trolling i've ever seen, trolling is meant to slightly annoy a public for self amusement, so i'm not here to regurgitate the dumb things your haters have said a million times over, just that if your going to troll please use a little more tact, it will ultimetly be better for every one, Trolling should make you annoyed not hate life more than you already do. . . and all your fans please shut up your making him-her look fucking stupid with your shitty crap-tastic spelling, i mean i've got horrible spelling and if i'm saying yours is bad, we've got issues


2011-02-28 00:42:19

Well. . . in all honesty i'm an avid fan, but i must say; please let this be some kind of joke that falls in line with the ego of other characters you might of made, or be satirical in the sense that your so over egotistical that it's not meant to be taken seriously. For if your horrible spelling and retarded gestures of ego and attempt at self confidence is true, you have problems. On top of which your picture (The boys are stupid) Screams the avid abuse of a dumb whore that doesnt realize she was going after people that are going to wack her with heroine needles. I'm not saying stop the jokes or making of the videos since i honestly appretiate it, but please at least inform me that this attitude is some kind of strange non-sensical joke, and please excuse my bad grammer and spelling


2011-02-27 20:59:02

for me your cool as always and i cant believe ppl come here just to say harsh things about something you said and i mean they werent ehre when you just join ng so why the fuck bother whit it do they rly read the other entrys for my its clearly a joke as always i mean wtf why bother for something nobody cares if you feel that cool its okay its the way u feel and i feel your that cool so wtf screw em XD


2011-02-27 18:36:17

1st of all everyone, He said how cool she(he) is,not how cool she(he) looks!Pay attention you dumb fucks, and stop being dicks!Seriously.I really like your toonz HotDiggedyDemon,they really are awesome, funny, etc. @DarkestArts You are kind of making a point, but you dont have to get so pissed.Its just a fuckin' joke.Get over it!It doesnt really make any sense to troll to a awesome artist.But you are making a point, but it's just.A.Joke.just get over it.


2011-02-27 16:24:14

Ugh you would be cooler if you weren't being so obnoxious! Chill out with the attitude; You can be cool and humble at the same time! Great job on your vidz hope 2 see more!

P.S: You really shouldn't repeat the fact that you're a makes you seem like either a Transvestite or an androgynous guy tellin' it like it is lol


2011-02-27 15:37:28

Shhhh, I sense...TROLLZ


2011-02-27 13:27:11

Imma tell you something...
You're an asshole and it sucks to be you :)

BTW, that pic just show how femine you are :p


2011-02-27 12:46:07

Cool story bro.


2011-02-27 08:32:00 me, there are other who make flash videos that put yours to SHAME. Plus, just cuz ur a girl, it doesnt give u the rite to be sexist against guys.


2011-02-26 21:26:27

Your animations are great but change your ego. Nobody likes it.


2011-02-26 11:12:24



2011-02-26 10:57:28

I wonder what's your problem...


2011-02-26 05:04:08

Thanks for drawing a picture of me.
I look just like that except I have transparent glasses and black hair with blue streaks.

You are trying to look like a girl aren't you and you think you are the best gamer?
Well I could finish starlight carnival boss from sonic colours ds in 00:28:?? seconds.
How's that huhhuhhuhhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh uhuhuhuhuh?


2011-02-25 21:57:25

did you steal kenya bros too?


2011-02-25 20:45:14

thats not really that cool of a pic.So u cant say that it is a pic that shows how cool u r.And it is a boy and ur a boy? cuz it says your a girl and i am not a loser u said everybody is a loser.


2011-02-25 17:30:10

no matter what people say, ur awsome block out alll of them ive watch nearly all of ur videos and there the best things ive seen on newgounds plz can u tell me wat animation software u use!!!!